Overseas Pakistanis Property Matters in Pakistan

Property Management of Overseas Pakistanis

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, land taking, and forceful ownership of land by the land mafias or Qabza groups has become a threat, and the overseas Pakistanis are the main target of this crime. Alvi Law Associates the best lawyers of Pakistan, provides reliable and steadfast  property management services in Islamabad/Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Top lawyers of Pakistan, Alvi Law Associates legally manage all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial properties, and specialize in providing this service to overseas Pakistanis having properties anywhere in Pakistan.

Alvi Law Associates the famous lawyers of Pakistan will guarantee you can achieve best possible value from your property in Pakistan with having inner satisfaction that your property is being looked after professionally and thoroughly in Pakistan. This is what our clients’ value most from our services.

If you have property which is vacant, not attended properly, or is unfairly occupied by an unscrupulous tenant, there is no reason to wait and you should immediately contact Alvi Law Associates the most reliable and competent lawyers of Pakistan.

Services of Alvi Law Associates:

  • Alvi Law Associates use of different means including newspaper ads, online ads and liaison with local real estate agents etc to find appropriate tenants for the property,.
  • Alvi Law Associates attract potential tenants.
  • Alvi Law Associates check out the background and reference of the potential tenants, as well as rental history.
  • Preparation, signing, and registration of lease agreements.
  • Rent receiving and depositing them in property owner’s designated bank account anywhere in the world.
  • Alvi Law Associates conduct routine property checks (both inside and outside) to identify any illegal structural change in the property, or any other violation of the agreement.
  • Taking digital pictures of the property and sending them to the owner.
  • Payments of all kinds of utility bills or others in respect of the property, including electricity, gas, water, telephones etc, as well as government property taxes.
  • Monitoring of property by the lawyers and conducting routine maintenance of the property.
  • Regular reporting to the owner of the property
  • Issuing eviction notices to tenants in case of eviction and filing court petitions for eviction of the tenants.
  • Attending court hearings for eviction of the tenants.
  • Alvi Law Associates the top lawyers of Pakistan provid all necessary legal as well as commercial advice to owners of the property.
  • Any other assistance on jointly negotiated terms and conditions.

Alvi Law Associate legally provide you a clear, transparent, and reliable procedures to protect your property by providing the legal service to our clients or assisting their families in Pakistan.

Our Property Monitoring Services includes:

  • Regular (scheduled or random) visits of plots to ensure that the plot is free from any kind of encroachment or adverse possession. We will immediately take legal action for the protection of the property
  • Regular reporting to the owner of the plot on the status of the plot, including sending digital pictures of the plot to the owner.
  • Bases on client’s requirement, schedule , monthly, quarterly or yearly visits of the plot can be planned.
  • A notice board or wall marking can be optionally displayed at the plot to warn any trespassers.
  • Any other customized service on mutually negotiated terms.

*Important Note:          The primary principle of Alvi Law Associates is your privacy and confidentiality. Feel free and secured to openly discuss any matter regarding property from the best lawyers of Pakistan 24/7.

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