A man and a woman formally bond together in a court marriage, which is typically formalised by legal procedure in the court of law, through which they   legally become husband and wife. Before the Magistrate/Registrar of the area where the couple or anyone of the couple resides, solemnization is done.


Pakistani Constitution has given Right of Liberty to choose a person to marry with. It is not only a legal but a religious right of every human being that is why Alvi Law Associates support and assist them so that their wishes should be fulfilled legally, religiously, and formally through Court Marriage. It is extremely important that life and liberty of the court marriage couple should be protected by the state. By adopting the legal procedures which are advised by the best court marriage lawyers at Ali Law Associates, the grownups having age of marriage can fulfil their wish of marriage with their free will and choice, through court marriage.
In Pakistan Documents Required For the Legal Procedures For Court Marriage are:

  • The minimum age at which a person is allowed by law to marry is 18 years, so both (couple desire to marry) must have a legal marriage age, 18 years.
  • Both should have valid CNIC, National Identity Card
  • In case if non-availability of CNIC,



ii-Matriculation certificate


iii-Form B (Bay Form) can also be used.


  • Two marriage witnesses must be there, in case you are unable to manage, Alvi Law Associates will help with that as well.
  • Six passport size photos of the bride,
  • Free will affidavit from the girl (bride to be).
  • In case of second marriage, a valid certificate of Divorce or Death Certificate of the dead partner will be required.
  • In case of marrying a non-Pakistani (a foreigner) a scanned copy of passport and photograph will be needed.
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